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F u n d a m e n t a l s

I have been taught that the golf swing is an athletic motion that has certain fundamentals that must be maintained. If these fundamentals are not maintained then many problems can occur before the student has even begun to swing the golf club.

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Target Awareness
Target awareness is very important. It helps the student visualize where the ball will go while in the set-up position. When the student is setting up to the ball I teach the importance of Posture, Grip and Alignment (P.G.A.):

Correct Posture

Correct Posture is the start of a great swing. An athletic position is critical.

Starting from the ground with the feet, I work my way up to the head. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Weight is going to be mostly on the inside balls of the feet.

The back is going to be tilted forward from the hips so that the arms can hang in a free motion.

I also want to make sure that the chin is up and the back tail bone is facing out.

Correct Grip

The Correct Grip can make or break a golf swing.

Correct grip pressure is essential. It is very important to feel the club head and the rubber part of the grip.

When teaching the grip to a student I want them to get the feeling of a neutral grip. One that is not too weak or too strong. A desired neutral grip is one that has the palms facing toward each other.

To make sure that the golfer is aware of the target, I try to get the student to have their right palm facing the target (for right handed players) and their left palm facing away from the target.


Alignment is the last part of the student's set up that I look at. Alignment refers to the position of your body lines (Feet, Knees, Hips & Shoulders) and the club face position in relation to the target.

The other factor that I look at for alignment purposes is the ball position, whether it is forward, middle or back in the stance.

To help a student with alignment, I have the student visualize that the golf ball and club head are on the right side of a train track and the body lines are on the left side of the train track. This helps the student feel more of a sense of being “Lined Up”.

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